Doing right and good for society

by improving the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of life science and healthcare.


Our mission

The accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of life science and health face significant challenges.

We must confront current policies, practices, and mindsets to bring about meaningful change and improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

With a clear vision of the future, we collaborate closely with our clients, striving towards a future where businesses serve as a force for good.


We firmly believe that a systemic change is necessary, prioritizing the value for society and the planet.


How do we help your organisation?

We are fully committed to delivering exceptional value by deploying a comprehensive range of services in life science and healthcare, firmly grounded in sound ethics.

Our primary focus is on driving systemic and transformative shifts in thinking and behaviour, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting both current and future generations.

We embrace courage and foster intense collaboration to make a difference in the healthcare system. We  believe that "good business" is supported best by:

Embracing a leadership role to drive problem-solving initiatives, collaborating with stakeholders throughout the value chain

Focusing on long-term sustainable effectiveness rather than to a short-term financial outcome

Taking an entrepreneurial approach

What Impact Stewards® does

We are strategy execution stewards specialising in the life science and healthcare sectors. At Impact Stewards, we assist your organisation in achieving sustainable change by facilitating the transformation process, from strategic planning to effective execution.

Realising your strategy

Fostering a shared understanding of strategic ambitions, exploring strategic scenarios, and developing actionable roadmaps that lead to tangible and sustainable impact.

Improving your performance

Cultivating high-performing organisations characterised by motivated and skilled individuals facilitated through a well-defined strategy, streamlined processes, and a robust operating model.

Transforming your organisation

Translating your business strategy into a transformative journey, empowering your people to drive a positive impact on your business, the environment, and society at large.

Life science themes

Helping life science organisations with

  • (Sustainability) strategy, developing an actionable roadmap and supportingimplementation
  • Strategic partnerships and a coalition of the willing
  • Customer engagement strategy and customer-centric transformation
  • Improvement of operational performance
  • Healthcare logistics and supply chain (incl. homecare and patient care pathways)
  • Change management and transformations
  • Ad interim support to accelerate impact

A selection of cases our Stewards worked on

  • Developing sustainability strategy including actionable roadmap (green deal 3.0)
  • Developing and implementing a Value-Based Healthcare strategy for sustainable future business
  • Transforming into customer-centric organisation​ from customers drivers and barriers, to strategy and implementation on account level
  • Accelerating patient-centric strategy by the development and piloting of a patient-centric care improvement process (based on design thinking and agile principles)
  • Setting up multi-year partnerships between hospitals and pharma companies to develop patient-centric solutions
  • Developing and guiding medical leadership transformation, including mindset and behavioural framework
  • Leading cross-functional change programmes, creating high-performing strategy execution teams
Healthcare themes

Meet our stewards

With heart, head, and soul, our stewards are intrinsically motivated to move the needle and contribute to your healthcare transition.

Impact Stewards® understands companies and how behavioural change works.

We ensure the implementation of new ways of working is thoroughly integrated within your organisation. Instead of operating distantly we roll up our sleeves and work towards collective benefits.

Together, we create meaningful impact!



Driven by improving patient experience through innovation and to make a positive, sustainable impact on all people, communities and the planet.


Extensive commercial experience in Marketing, Sales and Business development in global, European and national roles in large and small companies (profit and non-profit). I thrive when working with inspirational people to drive results and exploring new opportunities together.


In partnership with our clients, we develop insights and value propositions exemplified by state-of-the-art omnichannel experiences and customer engagement in healthcare and life sciences. Addressing the impact for all stakeholders, from strategy development to execution, is key to the sustainable effects we aim for.


Partnering with customers by creating true impact on skills and business outcomes, based on 30+ years’ experience in local and international roles within life science companies as a business and marketing leader as well as a trusted adviser.


Thriving through transformation in customer engagement in pharma and biotech, to enable a true customer-centric omnichannel ecosystem.


Deep experience and expertise in omnichannel customer engagement, digital communication channels and digital transformation. An enthusiastic leader, team player and pioneer.


My purpose is to add value in healthcare by supporting healthcare providers in their health contracting activities; a well-designed contract between provider and payer will lead to more efficiency in care, better accessibility for the patient, better quality in outcome, monitoring of healthcare spendings and sustainable results for healthcare providers.


More than twenty years of commercial experience in a wide range of health care segments, focusing on healthcare contracting. With diplomacy, analytical skills, humour and a tenacious mindset I strive for the best results.

Marieke Besamusca


In a world in which change is inevitable, our challenge is how to cope with change on personal, organizational and systemic level. Especially in Healthcare, challenges are disproportional. How do we keep Healthcare accessible and affordable, while we also expect care and treatments to evolve, in order to extend our lives and improve our quality of life? Contributing to one of the most challenging issues of our modern society is a pleasure as well as a necessity.


A proven track-record in transforming businesses and people sustainably. I am keen on personal development and ownership during a change program, in close relationship with delivering results. I strongly belief that any change can only be embedded when personal change and team development are guided continuously.
My area of expertise is best described as business performance improvement in operations, with a strong focus on the change process and the transformation of the people involved.


Successful sustainable transitions require a partnership based on shared principles and values, a shared vision and shared goals!


Broad experience with large scale business transformations within life science and healthcare


Improving the outcome of care by making innovative medical solutions everyday practice with the best results for patients, healthcare teams and companies.


Leading implementation of high impact improvements in healthcare, based on a broad experience in pharma, med-tech, and healthcare.


Making a positive impact on people’s lives, whether it is those of my clients, their clients or patients, or my colleagues. Helping people to work together and to achieve positive change, especially in complex situations, puts a smile on my face.


Broad management consultancy experience in many sectors, specialises in healthcare. Experienced in strategy transformation: development, implementation, and strategic project and programme management.


It's about keeping healthcare accessible and affordable for which a well-organised logistics chain is of crucial importance. Ultimately, it is about ensuring patients to always have the necessary medication and medical devices at their disposal at the lowest possible cost. This requires thorough production processes, good stock management and, above all, an excellent logistics planning. That's my mission!


Supply Chain Management within pharma and medical devices is my expertise. I have experience in logistics planning, S&OP, transport management and in guiding the change needed for structural improvement. This is not only down to knowledge about processes and systems, but especially about being able to change together with the people within the organisation.


I’m inspired by using technological innovations to improve patients’ quality of life. I’m motivated to move clinical trials from R&D to the market. My role is to guide the people and teams working on this; helping them grow and develop to achieve more. Contributing to the quality of life together.


Ellen has 25+ years of international leadership experience in global clinical operations. She has a background as a medical mechanical engineer and worked for multiple companies in biopharma and biotech. Ellen has extensive experience in project and change management and quality and process improvement. She excels in establishing relationships with customers, stakeholders, and the team. Ellen creates alignment in vision and goals and fosters a culture of passion, trust, and collaboration.



In partnership with our clients, we develop insights and value propositions exemplified by state-of-the-art omnichannel experiences and customer engagement in healthcare and life sciences. Addressing the impact for all stakeholders, from strategy development to execution is key to the sustainable effects we aim for.


Rich experience in (digital) marketing effectiveness and efficiency projects including omnichannel as well as running various customer-centric and organisational transformations within pharma and healthcare


Empowering healthcare providers to collaborate effectively and share best practices leads to higher-quality care, better patient experiences and lower costs.


Senior programma and projectmanager in Pharma and Healthcare sector. Subject matter expert in helping care providers set up collaboration and strategic partnerships to improve patient care.

Organisations our stewards guided in their healthcare transition

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