6 months on the move making impact together!


Six months ago Impact Stewards was founded and started with a dedicated team of experts. That was the starting point of our ambitious mission to improve the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of life science and healthcare. In the past six months we started on our mission and already made impact and progress. 

Proud of our accomplishments: 

  • Ten impactful projects (from small to midsize projects) have been launched, propelling our clients forward. 
  • Successfully executing projects not only in the Netherlands but also in other EU markets, broadening the impact our clients have. 
  • Assisting multiple hospitals in navigating the IZA healthcare reform act and fostering regional collaborations. 
  • Secured long-term commitments through five signed master service agreements. 
  • Committed to environmental sustainability by signing the Green Deal and submitting our pledge. 
  • Our organization stands strong, poised for accelerated growth. 
  • With our team’s expertise, we cover the entire value chain, from clinical operations to market access, customer engagement, and patient support within hospitals. 
  • Our network of skilled professionals continues to expand. 

This is just the beginning, first steps are taken. We’re not there yet and have many more impactful missions ahead. We take great pride in our accomplishments thus far and the solid foundation we have laid. With a robust project pipeline in place, I am confident in our ability to continue expanding throughout the second half of 2023. 

Curious what we can do for you?

Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer