Realising a patient-centric strategy


“This project has increased the alignment on patient-centric activities in the therapeutic areas, enabling cross-functional cooperation and development of concrete solutions to improve patient care.”

Health Innovation Director

A new patient-centric strategy

This pharmaceutical company wants to adapt to the changing Dutch healthcare environment and work on innovative solutions together with healthcare professionals (HCPs). For both parties, working on improving patient care and positively impacting people’s lives is key. The company wants to develop value propositions that focus on patient-centric care improvements in important therapeutic areas (TA). The company’s brand teams are to adopt this new approach. It’s a new way of thinking and doing for the teams.

Design, pilot, and improve innovation process

Together with one of the teams, we developed and piloted a health innovation process. We based the process on LEAN and design thinking principles, as well as our conviction that any change has a rational and emotive side. First, we performed a context scan to find issues within a specific TA and determine its root causes. Next, we validated these issues and root causes with external stakeholders (HCPs), to include their opinion at an early stage. Using this external validation, we drafted solutions that could resolve these root causes. After each step in the pilot, we gathered feedback and best practices. We shared them with the other brand teams to further improve this process.

Key results
Integral patient-centric innovation process

This learning-by-doing approach, with short feedback loops, resulted in a comprehensive patient-centric process within the TA’s of the company. This entire process is documented in a playbook, which includes all best practices. In the end, this project led to a multitude of concrete solutions to improve patient care, that were presented and judged during a closing ‘Dragon’s Den’-style session. Perhaps even more importantly, the cross-functional approach of the process, has led to better internal understanding, alignment, and cooperation.

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer