Becoming a customer-centric company


“The Impact Stewards drive high-quality results by helping this local affiliate become customer-centric and focus on impact rather than activities.”

General Manager of local affiliate of global biotech company

Traditional engagement strategies no longer work

A global biotechnology company experiences a significant decrease in the effectiveness of its traditional customer engagement strategies. Upon analysis, the company learned its marketing and sales approaches needed to be more developed across its various brands, leading to an ineffective and inefficient customer-centric approach. How can the company become more customer-centric and agile despite decreasing customer-facing time? This requires a transformation of their organisation.

Providing a customer-centric framework

The Impact Stewards start by conducting thorough customer interviews across various Therapeutic Areas and with key stakeholders to gain unique insights and incorporate the target audience’s points of view. Based on these insights, we develop an adoption ladder with clear definitions, criteria, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to enhance transparency in the adoption process. Together with the client, the Stewards also identify key themes and content to facilitate customer adoption throughout the journey. The team establish a transparent process to increase efficiency and implement it sustainably. The Stewards design a performance management framework and established a reporting and governance structure. Additionally, we trained and coached the teams in continuous improvement and fact-based decision-making.

Key results
Performance-driven focus and customer-centric culture

This transformation process leads to a performance-driven focus and a customer-centric culture. As a result, the stakeholder adoption rate increased by 21%.

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer