Celebrating one year of doing good and right for society


As we enter the holiday season, we look back at 2023. Our first year at Impact Stewards. And what a year it has been. We started on January 1st with our mission to improve the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of healthcare and life sciences. Where are we now?

Creating a healthy healthcare system

Founder, and chief impact officer Patrick Filius reflects: “What an impactful year it has been! 1 January 2023 was the official start of the company. Now, we’ve already grown into a team of 15 impact stewards. Between us, there are 300+ years of experience in health and life science. We have worked on 22 projects in 20 countries. All focused on fostering a health system that is affordable, accessible, and sustainable.”

What’s the secret behind this impactful first year? Patrick: “I do believe it’s our cross-border and cross-sector experience. With our team, we span the entire health value chain: from biotech to pharma to hospitals to medical devices. We build bridges between these worlds, which results in truly ground-breaking projects. For instance, helping multiple healthcare providers and partners to improve HIV care. Aimed at bringing the number of new HIV infections to zero.”

Impact across the globe

Now, that’s impact indeed. What’s behind this integrated approach? “We all work from a global outlook and solve problems accordingly. One example is improving the accessibility of information for patients for a pharmaceutical company. This project spans 20 countries. Working on a health system that puts patients and the planet first, requires a global mindset. Another example of a project our team has been working on is finding the best-suited locations for a biotech company to optimise operations and reduce CO2 emissions from logistics. And implementing those changes too, of course.”

Another highlight this year was organising a round table conversation with healthcare providers and healthcare insurance companies to share experiences. The topic was ‘Integraal Zorg Akkoord’, which is a cross-sector agreement between organisations from across the healthcare system with the Dutch government to work on major improvements. During the conversation, participants shared their experiences with applying for government funding to work on these projects.

We ended this year on a high, at COP28. Health was officially on the agenda of the United Nations Climate Change Conference for the first time. Impact stewards Connie van Marrewijk, Daniël Brouwer and Patrick Filius were there. Patrick: “I’m happy that we were able to be part of the global conversation. A highlight was hosting a round table discussion with leaders from healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and academia. In Dubai, we laid the foundations for some impactful alliances between system players. In 2024, I hope to share more news on that.”

Let’s call 2023 a wrap and have a good 2024!


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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer