Creating value-based partnerships


“The Impact Stewards helped us to define our role in future healthcare delivery and establish accompanying value propositions. These value propositions are now being co-created with key account hospitals as part of a multi-year strategic partnerships.” 

Business Unit Director of world’s leading biotechnology company

A new strategy for a biotechnology company

A leading global biotech company is committed to taking responsibility for providing value beyond medicine. Creating maximum patient value requires collaboration across the healthcare delivery value chain. What types of collaboration will deliver most patient value? How will this impact the role of the pharmaceutical company? And how will healthcare providers want to work in such value-based partnership? Our Impact Stewards are asked to help answer these questions.

Engaging hospitals to adopt a partnership approach

First, we help define the mission and vision for delivering value beyond medicine. What does this look like for the company? Next, we translate this to value propositions that suit the company’s core capabilities best. How can the company engage its key account hospitals in this new way of thinking and doing? We design a strategic approach for engaging key accounts in this process. We facilitate so-called ‘value dialogues’ between the pharmaceutical company and the hospitals. The aim is to identify opportunities to improve patient value in healthcare delivery together. To seize these opportunities, one Impact Steward takes on an interim leadership role to establish multi-year value-based partnerships between the company and key hospitals.

Key results
Going ’beyond the medicine’ successfully

Several multi-year strategic partnerships with key account hospitals are established. Within these partnerships, multiple projects are successfully executed, improving both patient well-being and optimising care delivery. These projects prove paramount in shaping the pharmaceutical company’s ‘beyond the medicine’ strategy.

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