A strategic partnership team, delivered


“The Impact Stewards were the driving force in developing and installing an internal consulting department and in setting up strategic multi-year partnerships with key accounts. We are now co-creating patient value together with hospitals.”

Commercial Director of world’s leading biotechnology company

The need for an internal consultancy team

A leading global pharmaceutical company wants to cooperate closely with its key account hospitals to deliver more patient value. The company is shifting from being a sole provider of medicine towards contributing to patient wellbeing in a broader sense. It wants to establish an internal consulting department to help shape this ambition. Can we help set up this department?

Setting a team up for success

We first create an organisational framework, describing the department’s structure, processes, competencies, and governance. This will help recruit new hires too. In parallel, we help the organisation to define, shape, and implement so-called ‘value solutions’. These form the basis for partnerships with hospitals. Our team help set up processes to select accounts for these partnerships. We also play a key role in setting up multi-year strategic partnerships with the key account hospitals. Meanwhile, we develop an onboarding program for new hires to the department and train them in the competencies required. Also, our team designs and implements key processes with internal and external stakeholders.

Key results
A professional strategic partnership team

It results in a professional consulting department that supports the company. The department establishes multi-year strategic partnerships with key accounts to increase patient value. These intensified collaborations with key accounts result in a significant increase in patient value. A strategic partnership team indeed.

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer