Finding time for specialised nurses


“From the clarity of the process comes a clear mind. Once we’ve made some adjustments to our IT systems, we can free up more time. And then we can finally start our next project: the digital clinic.”


How to make time to set up a digital clinic

Our healthcare system is under pressure. The gastroenterological clinic of a renowned city hospital is no exception. There’s simply too much work for too few people. To reduce the workload for its specialised nurses, the hospital’s gastroenterologists want to set up a digital clinic for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. If there’s more self-service and smart monitoring, patients could drastically reduce the number of hospital visits. And thus, the nurses’ workload. But how can we find the time for a digital project when everyone is already super busy? The leading gastroenterologist asks for help.

Finding improvements in patient care processes

We start with a short series of workshops. In the first one, we unravel the current processes for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. We draw a big process chart together with the team. What do you do? Where does it come from? Where does it go? It turns out a lot of work goes into double-checking other people’s work whenever they change shifts. Via IT systems, mail, face-to-face. The team may address the same issue four times. In the next workshops, we look for solutions to recurring issues and redesign the whole process using the LEAN process methodology. It results in a transparent, comprehensible, and clear process.

More time

From the clarity of the process comes a clear mind. The nurses can free up more time and start the next time-saving project: the digital clinic.

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer