Impact Steward Edwin Dissel: “A holistic approach to make impact in healthcare”


The Impact Stewards team is on a mission to make an impact in the healthcare landscape. Each month, we introduce you to an impact maker, and this month, we’re pleased to introduce Edwin Dissel. Edwin is a passionate professional driven by the pursuit of positive change within healthcare. 

Edwin Dissel resides in the serene village of Heerewaarden and has two kids. Edwin loves to spend time in nature and is active in various sports, from windsurfing to skiing, rowing, and cycling. His curiosity within healthcare knows no bounds; continuously learning about staying healthy, healthcare advancements, science, technology, and even spirituality. Edwin is also a fervent music enthusiast and enjoys diverse genres including classical, classic rock, and even K-pop, inspired by his daughter. 

Edwin’s professional journey has been intriguing. He started his career in advertising, serving in advisory capacities for both national and international clients. Later, he transitioned into the pharmaceutical sector in an international marketing role at Organon, renowned for products like the contraceptive pill. In his role he was responsible for ‘Customer Engagement,’ developing a clear strategy, driven by tangible business goals, enhancing specific KPIs, customer value, and revenue. 

After his career at Organon het made a transfer to Philips, Edwin contributed to the development of ‘Digital Capabilities’ across domains such as search engines, social media, analytics, commerce, customer relationship management, and content. Edwin is driven by the desire to initiate improvements. It’s not merely about task execution for him; it’s about genuinely making a difference in people’s lives. 

“A holistic approach to make a solid impact in healthcare”

Edwin Dissel

Edwin joined Impact Stewards to bring about this change collectively, leveraging a skilled team to address various aspects. It’s about learning from each other and pooling strengths. Deliberation is crucial; he believes in finding sustainable alternatives by holistically addressing complexities and challenges within the healthcare sector. Edwin emphasizes that by disrupting patterns and promoting healthier lifestyles, we can achieve more health and less reliance on healthcare. His aim is to provide insights, enable healthy lifestyles, and optimize treatments in the healthcare industry. 

Edwin utilizes his (inter)national experience to create innovative solutions for the evolving challenges within the healthcare industry. His expertise involves transforming brand strategies, bridging gaps in customer plans, and ensuring that these plans resonate with Patients, HCPs, and Payers. Edwin also specializes in identifying previously overlooked actionable insights within the customer and patient journey. He collaborates with stakeholders to craft concentric value propositions that revolve around the needs of Patients, HCPs, and Payers, creating a harmonious alignment of goals.  

Furthermore, he aims to enhance team dynamics by transitioning from a focus on individual activities to an emphasis on achieving measurable outcomes. This shift involves turning functional teams into cross-functional teams, and optimising the operating model to match the unique demands of healthcare stakeholders. 

Edwin leverages his experience to address complex challenges in healthcare. He redefines brand strategies, strengthens customer plans, identifies insights, tailors value propositions, and transforms team dynamics, all to align with healthcare stakeholders’ needs and objectives. 

Edwin envisions immense learning and transformation through collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the Impact Stewards team. He believes it’s essential to work together to instigate tangible, palpable change. With his dedication, holistic perspective, and passion for healthcare improvement, Edwin Dissel is a valuable impact maker in the Impact Stewards team. 

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer