Impact Steward Ellen Klein: “bring change and push boundaries.”


The team of Impact Stewards is ready to make a real difference in health care. Each month, we introduce you to an impact maker. This week, an inspiring conversation with Ellen Klein. Her impressive career revolves around her ability to build bridges between technology and the medical field. And her passion to make a positive impact on patients’ lives, and healthcare in general.

Ellen, can you tell us about your career?

I have an academic education in engineering and medical technology. My passion for building bridges between technology and medical practice was ignited when I did international internships in Milan and Baltimore. I started my career as a project manager at Medtronic, a renowned company in medical implants. One of the projects I was responsible for, was the launch of a new pacemaker series in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It was important for patients to have confidence in the product and to experience the positive impacts on their quality of life. After the successful launch of the product, I proceeded as a Clinical Quality Assurance Specialist at the quality department. I focused on implementing the Good Clinical Practice regulations. Also, I defined the quality strategy and the quality policies for all clinical departments and implemented them too. Next to that, I carried out customer satisfaction projects. After a while, I joined Covance (nowadays called Labcorp, ed.). It’s a clinical research company that works for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, together with hospitals.

What did you do for this research company?

I learned about therapeutic areas such as oncology and paediatrics and developed my management skills. After a while, I became responsible for all projects for a new client. This cooperation led to an enormous growth of the division I worked for, plus a partnership that extended into 60 countries. It involved lots of dynamics and change management. After that, I got involved in various management roles. I was involved in cross-business-unit cooperations, business improvements, business mergers, and fast-growing departments. I gained lots of experience in uniting a range of teams and cultures. Bringing about change and pushing boundaries has always been central to these roles. Since 2023, I have done this as a consultant.


“Impacting lives is awesome. Even if we’re a cog in a bigger machine, we can all make a difference in people’s lives.”

Ellen Klein, impact steward

What do you do as a consultant?

Currently, I’m helping a young company in neonatal care. I help them lay the foundations of the company and assist in operational aspects. My leadership style focuses on coaching and enabling people to reach their potential. I’m a certified business coach, as well.

Why did you join Impact Stewards?

I have a passion for sustainable healthcare and I believe technology can help healthcare professionals as well as patients. The network of Impact Stewards offers the opportunity to learn from each other and to work from different areas of expertise. My experience in clinical research, leadership and change management is a good addition to the team. My motto is: ‘Do the right things’, focusing on responsibility and accountability. That’s in line with the mission of Impact Stewards: ‘doing good and right for society’.

Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the professional?

I love nature, culture, and sports like running, and gymnastics, as well as volunteering. Also, I have two mature children. When they were smaller, I took them on beautiful hiking journeys in Africa and Nepal. After all these years of travelling and working internationally, I met so many different people from so many different cultures. What we all have in common, is that we are proud of our children and of the work we do.

“Ellen Klein is an energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic professional. Her career spans the enitire healthcare system and is truly dedicated to change, leadership and improving the quality of life. She’s a valuable addition to the Impact Stewards team.”

Patrick Filius, chief impact officer


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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer