Impact Steward Ellen Verkroost: “Stronger when we work together.”  



In this monthly series, we dive into the stories of our Impact Stewards, who are dedicated to creating real and sustainable change within the healthcare industry. We are excited to introduce Ellen Verkroost, a committed expert in healthcare & life sciences. Focused on creating a positive impact on patients’ lives. 

Ellen, can you tell us about your professional background?  

After completing my physiotherapy degree, I started working in this area first. I soon took up a wide array of activities: from guiding top sporters to clinical physiotherapy to physio fitness programs. Then, 24 years ago, I got to work in life sciences. Since then, I have worked on countless projects and interim positions, on both a national and international level. Mostly, I have worked on the commercial side of pharmaceutical companies, but I’m experienced in the medical side too. My clients include mostly life sciences companies such as UCB, Takeda, Teva, and Bayer.  

Any projects that stand out?  

One of the first projects in life sciences was for Sanofi as a patient advocate for an online oncology solution. At the time, it was truly groundbreaking to use online tools to monitor & connect patients’ conditions. Another highlight was implementing a specialised CRM system (Veeva Medical) and developing dashboards (Qlickview) for the medical side of Teva Pharmaceuticals across Europe, which involved a lot of stakeholder management and travelling across the continent. A recent highlight was being ad interim manager for Bayer’s Women’s Health team; we‘ve developed and implemented a new marketing & sales strategy and got to work with sustainability in the team. 

“Stronger when we work together.”  

Ellen Verkroost

What do clients say about you?  

Building a strong rapport with my clients is important to me, to fully understand the organisation’s challenges. I will keep digging until I uncover the root cause. Once the problem is clear, I’m able to take swift action. I’m pretty results-oriented and will keep focusing on the end goal. Especially when a situation seems to be impossible, I just love reaching the results we set out for. And that’s what my clients appreciate too.  

What makes working in this industry worthwhile?  

It’s important to me to make a difference through my work. In this industry, I can make a positive impact by adding value to patients and organisations. Also, I admire the dedication of people working in the healthcare sector. I want to take responsibility too, and strive for sustainable, affordable, and pragmatic solutions. Let’s do this collectively, both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers.  

Why did you join Impact Stewards? 

This is a top-notch team of experts with tons of knowledge and experience across the healthcare sector. Whenever I’m facing a challenge, there’s always a counterpart I can consult.  I do believe we need to combine our strengths. As a team, one can make a bigger impact. Together, we can overcome any challenge.

And what about the person behind the professional? 

I live in Oosterhout with my husband and my three daughters. I love spending time outdoors for running or horseback riding. But one of my favourites is to be in the mountains, whether it is hiking or skiing. You can also find me as a ski instructor at the ski school next door. 

“So glad to have Ellen on our team, she brings energy in bundles. With her experience and results-oriented attitude, we can help our clients face any challenge.”

Patrick Filius, Chief Impact Officer

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer