Impact Steward Naomi Tielen -“Passion for innovation in healthcare”


The Impact Stewards team is ready to make an impact on healthcare. This time, we introduce you to impact maker Naomi Tielen. Innovation in the broadest sense is the common thread in her career. It seemed only natural that she jumped right in and joined Impact Stewards from the start.

Naomi, can you tell us a bit about your experience?

I studied pharmacy at Utrecht University Innovation inspires me, and that’s why I joined a life sciences startup. I learned a lot from being involved in all the steps in bringing a new medical innovation to the market. After joining Amgen (an internationally renowned biotech company, ed.) I pursued my interest in exploring new avenues through various roles. I took on different positions: product manager, hospital manager, value & access manager. In this last job, I successfully set up partnerships, developed new programmes for patients, and led the strategic implementation of value-based healthcare. I built on these experiences in my next position as Manager of Value-Based Healthcare at Ferring. In this position, for instance, I lead an eHealth programme that helps patients to improve their lifestyles. This not only encompassed the development of the programme but also required close cooperation with hospitals. It involved legal aspects, which required close cooperation with legal teams. It also involved ensuring the programme will be used by both patients and healthcare professionals. It was a breakthrough in value-based healthcare.

“I see innovation as an adventure. Exploring new avenues and finding the best way forward to reach one goal: improving the health and wellbeing of people.”

Naomi Tielen, Impact Steward

What is the common thread of this – very varied – career?

The common thread is making a success of innovation and working from a broad perspective. This can vary from making a business case for an innovation, implementing an innovative product, setting up market research, or helping startups bring their ideas to life. I can connect the dots between strategy, innovation, and day-to-day operations. Moving from a concept to a tangible and workable plan. I see innovation as an adventure. Exploring new avenues and finding the best way forward to reach one goal: improving the health and wellbeing of people.

How did you get involved at Impact Stewards?

I like to explore new things myself. That’s why, last year, I decided to become an independent advisor. Quickly, I joined Impact Stewards. We are a collective of like-minded professionals. We exchange knowledge and we complement each other. This way, we can help our clients with their challenges successfully.

How about the person behind the professional?

Outside work, I like to keep moving. Going for a run or a nice hike with my boyfriend. I love nature and adventure: hiking in the mountains and sleeping under the stars. It’s not just about the beautiful scenery, but also about the excitement of exploring new surroundings. Exploring new pathways, literally.

“Naomi Tielen is unique in her ability to think strategically and turn ideas into action. Innovating and improving, that’s what she excels in. A valuable addition to the team!”

Patrick Filius, Chief Impact Steward

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