Impact Stewards joins COP28 to work on a sustainable healthcare system.


Impact Stewards will join the United Nations Climate Change Conference, hosted by the UAE. Also known as COP28. Together with Future Economy Forum, we will host a supplementary program for leaders in healthcare, life science, and academia. Working on a healthcare system that’s good for humans and the planet. ​

Health on the agenda

For the first time, Health is officially part of the COP agenda. On December 3rd, the parties will work on actions for the health system’s response to climate change, paired with financing commitments for implementation. Aimed at reducing and mitigating the harmful health effects of climate change, such as a global rise in heat stress, infectious diseases, and respiratory illnesses. ​

Joining healthcare leaders at COP28​

Impact Stewards wants to expand this scope and work on improving the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of our healthcare system. On December 3rd, we will host a supplementary program with Future Economy Forum. Selected participants are all leaders in healthcare, life science, and academia. All are sustainability leaders in their industry and motivated to work on a sustainable healthcare system. ​

Working on a sustainable healthcare system

Participants will learn about a systems approach to reducing the harmful effects of our current healthcare system. How can we build a healthcare system that extends the ‘first, do no harm’ principle to the planet too? Together, we will work on creative and innovative solutions to bring about systems change. Later that day, leaders will also learn about a human-centred approach to climate challenges with the design thinking experts of IDEO. Working on a healthcare system that’s good for humans and the planet. ​

“COP28 provides a unique opportunity to work on a sustainable healthcare system. We look forward to joining the global conversation and bringing key players together. We all need to join forces to create systems change.”

​Patrick Filius, chief impact officer.

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer