Impact Stewards, what’s in a name?


As we build our organisation and have lots of conversations about our mission, people often ask: “what is the name about?” We’re glad they ask. Because there’s a lot to say about Impact Stewards®. What does it mean? And why does it mean so much to us? Let us explain.  

How we define Impact

We know organisations can have a positive impact on people, planet, and profit. Simultaneously. Because we believe organisations don’t have to choose between shareholders and sustainability.
We want to make a positive impact through our work by building an accessible, affordable, and sustainable healthcare system. That’s what impact means to us.

What we mean by Stewards

Stewardship is about embracing shared ownership and working shoulder-to-shoulder. We want to surpass conventional project delivery. Our Impact Stewards are subject matter experts and servant leaders. We stimulate co-creation and form partnerships with our clients. Taking responsibility, together. That’s what stewardship is about.

Our approach

In every assignment, we always want to live up to our name. We help build healthy organisations that can thrive in the long term. By optimising operations for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. By building synergies and partnerships with stakeholders and the ecosystem an organisation is part of. By working on outcomes beyond the traditional business frameworks, serving patients and the planet.

It will be a transformational journey, for sure. Our approach to these changes is always top-down and bottom-up. We break down the journey into small steps. We take the company’s vision and strategy as a starting point and zoom in on the rational and emotive side of change. Working on structure, governance, roles, responsibilities, systems, and data on the one side. And on leadership, mindset, behaviour, mindset, learning, and development on the other side. Our Impact Stewards guide organisations throughout this journey.

So, does a company name truly matter? It does to us! 


Doing right and good for society.

Curious what we can do for you?

Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer