Interview with Marieke Besamusca – “Change is the recurring theme.”


The Impact Stewards team is ready to help the healthcare system to do better. Every month, we introduce you to an impact maker. This time, it’s Marieke Besamusca. A passionate professional who wants to work on positive change in the healthcare industry.

Marieke, can you tell us about your background?

My career path has been rather unusual. I have worked in many industries, from industrial chemistry tot maternity care to pharmaceutical companies to labour unions. I stared my career in a consulting firm focused on performance improvement and after seven years I started my own business with a business partner. It was called Myrtle Europe. In 2019, I went on to become an independent advisor. I love working in various roles and adding value from there.

Is there a project you can highlight for us?

I have worked for another consulting firm as an interim manager for a pharmaceutical company for a while. The assignment was to merge three data management teams to support logistics services and processes world wide. I believe good cooperation and efficiency can go hand in hand. If you want to streamline processes to improve quality, this will only prove to work when people are given the opportunity to shape those processes. I gave my team the time and space to do so. At the end of my time, there was a good functioning team, which made all of us proud.

“I want to contribute to sustainable, affordable and effective solutions in healthcare. Helping to do better.”

Marieke Besamusca

With so much variety in your career, what is the recurring theme?

The recurring theme is that I help organisations to navigate from A to B. I lead complex changes and come up with new solutions. My approach is twofold. On the one side, it’s very much people-oriented, focusing on their strengths. On the other side, it is very results-focused.

You joined Impact Stewards last year, what motivated you?

Personally, I feel a deep responsibility to contribute to positive change. Our healthcare system needs to change. A well-functioning healthcare is the cornerstone of our society. I want to contribute to sustainable, affordable, and effective solutions in healthcare, together with the other Impact Stewards. I have a very different background compared to the other experts at Impact Stewards. Together we can grasp the complex challenges, which leads to smarter solutions and better results.

How about the person behind the professional?

My day starts well if I can go for a run through the dunes. I live in the lovely Rockanje, a small town near the woods and the beach. With my husband, a veterinarian, and children I live amongst animals. I have cats and chickens. Oftentimes, wild deer and their young come and visit for a snack from my vegetable patch.

“Ik werk al heel lang samen met Marieke. Ze richt zich heel erg op de mens, maar is ook erg direct en resultaatgericht. Marieke is een heel ervaren en flexibele consultant en een feest om mee samen te werken.”

Patrick Filius, chief impact officer

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