Making a sustainable impact with Connie: “Together you go faster”


This week, we introduce you to Connie, one of the dedicated Impact Stewards with a passion for sustainability. Connie lives in a stunning historic building in Dongen, together with her husband and two daughters. Her lifelong passion for biology and the human body led her to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences and was the start of her career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over the years, Connie gained extensive experience in various roles, both nationally and internationally. She began her journey at Glaxo, moving from Sales to Marketing, and eventually becoming the Commercial Strategy Director in the United States. After some time in North Carolina (USA), she returned to the Netherlands and worked as an independent consultant/interim manager, combining her work with her passion for travel. Later, she joined the IDA Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides essential medicines to developing countries in Africa and South America. Following more years of independent work in the pharmaceutical industry, Connie became the Commercial Director at Amgen in Breda, responsible for the product portfolio and successful product launches. During this period, she worked with a core team to create a customer-centric, value-driven organization.

In 2017, Connie followed her entrepreneurial spirit and started her own company: PLUK trainingslocatie. Operating from her monumental farmhouse, PLUK is a charming meeting venue surrounded by greenery, allowing Connie to express her creativity. She cleverly uses nature as a tool for organizational development and incorporates nature into her coaching sessions as a certified nature coach.

As an Impact Steward, Connie is dedicated to making healthcare more sustainable and accessible. She firmly believes in engaging people and connecting organizations to create a real impact in healthcare, for both the present and the future. In the words of Connie, “Alone, you may go faster, but together, you can go much further.”

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer