Improving patient outcomes


“Impact Stewards helped us determine the health outcomes that matter most to a specific patient group. These outcomes helped us focus our process optimisation initiatives.”

Business Unit Director of world’s leading biotechnology company

Improving care that matters most

A leading global pharmaceutical company and one of its key account hospitals join forces to improve patient care. Together, they identify potential process optimisation projects. All are aimed at optimising care delivery; both improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. But which projects will be most effective? Which will deliver the most value? Our stewards are asked to help.

Health outcomes become leading

We help the hospital and pharmaceutical company develop an outcome set that focuses on value for patients. For that, we use the ICHOM framework. We organise standardised work sessions with both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. They result in so-called ‘Patient-Centered Outcome Measures’.  We translate these into clinical and process parameters. With a cross-functional medical team, we map the value chain for care delivery and identify bottlenecks. With the outcome measures (clinical and process) and the bottlenecks at hand, we decide which processes to focus on. Choosing the most impactful optimisation projects.

Key results
Optimised care and reduced costs

Value for patients increases from optimising those processes that affect health outcomes most,. Also, making the most important clinical parameters available during consults, improves the conversation between patients and HCPs. Next to that, consultation lead times decreased, resulting in less ‘waste’, reduced costs, and increased production. Moreover, with the dashboards available to HCPs, further improving patient care has never been easier and more effective.

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer