“It is my ambition to improve the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of life science and health.” 


Patrick Filius – Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Impact Stewards

We introduce Patrick, founder and Chief Impact Officer at Impact Stewards. A role that perfectly aligns with his drive to make a difference and his passion for connecting people. He loves to challenge and continuously inspire people to bring out their best potential, on a personal level and within organizations. Besides being an impact maker, Patrick is also a true family man, being a father of three daughters – he loves spending weekends with his family. He engages in sports to keep a clear mind and find balance, ranging from tennis to skiing and yoga. Patrick describes himself as down-to-earth, pragmatic, and not complex.

Impact Stewards on a journey

In 2023, Patrick started his journey with Impact Stewards. Prior to this, he spent seven years as a Partner, with the last four years leading the Healthcare Transition at Been Management Consulting. His efforts were recognized with a gold status by consultancy.nl in 2022. However, for him, this is far from enough; focus and acceleration are necessary to make a larger-scale impact in the health industry. 

He initiated Impact Stewards because he recognizes the need for a systemic change that puts patients and the planet at the center. This calls for fundamental transformation rather than short-term fixes. It requires courage to break patterns. Focus is crucial, with the ultimate goal of improving the accessibility, sustainability, and affordability of life science and health. 

Impact making

The Impact Stewards aim to create real impact together with all stakeholders, going beyond profit realization. Making an impact on patients, society, and the planet is what matters. We believe that organizations can contribute positively beyond their products or services. The traditional consultancy model of delivering a report and advising from a distance is no longer effective. Stewards are experts driven by the motivation and make a difference for patients, society, and the planet. They aim to improve organizations not from a distance but by actively participating, and striving to contribute to meaningful organizations. This is achieved through servant leadership and co-creation. They aspire to leave a lasting legacy for their children, something they can be proud of. 

Of course, Patrick is not alone in this impact journey; he has 12 stewards by his side, combining over 250 years of work experience within the healthcare sector. With this team, Impact Stewards guide organizations and create systemic change. “Together, we have the ability to implement meaningful care and establish new forms of collaboration. Additionally, we assist the industry in enhancing customer-centricity and patient-centricity, as well as accelerating innovation.” 

This mission gives Patrick high energy, he takes pride in developing significant projects with key players in the health sector that creates real impact for patients, society, and the planet. “Impact that is tangible, that gives you goosebumps when you reflect on it. That’s when you truly talk about making an impact.” 

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

Chief Impact Officer