Impact Steward Richard Langerak – From consultancy to healthcare leadership 


The Impact Stewards team is ready to make a real difference in healthcare. This month, we introduce you to Richard Langerak, a professional with a track record in various healthcare roles. Richard has an impressive career as a consultant under his belt. Today, he’s considered a renowned leader in healthcare. What is his personal and professional mission? Let’s meet Richard.

Can you tell us about your experience in healthcare?

I started my career as a consultant working for various organizations, from NS to AHOLD to Philips. My journey in healthcare began at product and service supplier Mediq Apotheken as a Program Manager. When the company was acquired by Brocacef/BENU, I started as a Senior Program Manager in pharmaceutical healthcare and quickly progressed to Commercial Manager. As a consultant, I was already driven to initiate change, but the healthcare environment gave me even more energy. Healthcare is complex due to its involvement with various facets and stakeholders, but I see this as a challenge. At Brocacef/BENU, I dedicated myself to crafting a new customer-centric strategy, making healthcare processes smarter, and enhancing the quality of care delivered. 

What kinds of roles suit you best?

People often tell me I excel in making complex situations understandable and navigable. I’m valued for being an independent person who makes complex collaborations between pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and institutions comprehensible. As someone who overcomes obstacles. I love collaborating with passionate individuals who want to create an impact for patients. That’s why I’m focused on translating strategy into operation, process optimization, and on-the-job coaching. 

Richard Langerak

“I’m always on the lookout for ways to optimize processes and I’m energized when I can make tangible improvements that directly impact organizations and end-users.” 

Richard Langerak, Impact Steward

Why join Impact Stewards?

My decision to join Impact Stewards was based on my connection with Patrick. We share a passion for positive change in healthcare. I think my cross-sector experience makes me a valuable addition to the Impact Stewards team. By bridging connections between different industries, I can offer innovative perspectives.

What does your private life look like?

Well, I’m 43 years old and a father of two daughters. I prefer to start my day with sports, such as running. I enjoy long distances and pushing my limits. I do have a taste for excitement and adrenaline, as I’m an avid boulderer, which involves climbing without ropes, up to 5 meters high. 

Great to meet you, Richard.

“His dedication to positive change and his ability to unravel complexity make him an invaluable asset for the future of healthcare.”

Patrick Filius, Chief Impact Officer

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Patrick Filius

Chief Impact Officer

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