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Impact Steward Ellen Verkroost: “Stronger when we work together.”  

   In this monthly series, we dive into the stories of our Impact Stewards, who are dedicated to creating real and sustainable change within the healthcare industry. We are excited…

Q&A: New EU sustainability laws (CSDDD)

Doing good & right. The European Union is one step further in adopting laws that hold large companies responsible for the sustainability of their supply chain. Last month, the European…

Ilse van Hensbeek, Medical Director AstraZeneca: “Medical leadership”

Ilse van Hensbeek, AstraZeneca’s Medical Director, boasts over 25 years of leadership experience within the industry. She held national and international positions and covered both the medical and commercial aspects…

Impact Steward Tim van Rees: “on the green path”

Every month, we put the spotlight on an Impact Steward. This time, it’s sustainable supply chain expert Tim van Rees. With 25+ years of experience in logistics and supply chain…

Naomi Tielen

Impact Steward Naomi Tielen -“Passion for innovation in healthcare”

The Impact Stewards team is ready to make an impact on healthcare. This time, we introduce you to impact maker Naomi Tielen. Innovation in the broadest sense is the common…

Impact Steward Frank Peters: “Building bridges and connecting organisations.”

The Impact Stewards team is ready to make an impact on healthcare. Each month, we introduce you to an impact maker. This time, it’s Frank Peters. His 25+ years of…

Compass in our work

Impact Stewards, what’s in a name?

As we build our organisation and have lots of conversations about it, people often ask: “what’s the name about?” We’re glad they ask. Because there’s a lot to say about Impact Stewards®. What does it mean? And why does it mean so much to us? Let us explain.  

Impact Stewards Society

Celebrating one year of doing good and right for society

As we enter the holiday season, we look back at 2023. Our first year at Impact Stewards. And what a year it has been. We started on January 1st with…

round table participants COP28

Outcomes of COP28 roundtable discussion

Changing the course of healthcare This year, the United Nations Climate Change Conference featured the first-ever Health Day. The health of our planet and human health are deeply connected. Our…

Impact Stewards Joins COP28

Impact Stewards joins COP28 to work on a sustainable healthcare system.

Impact Stewards will join the United Nations Climate Change Conference, hosted by the UAE. Also known as COP28. Together with Future Economy Forum, we will host a supplementary program for leaders in healthcare, life science,…

Why we need to prioritize healthy diets

Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, significantly impact the healthcare system. This impact is often underestimated. These diseases are closely linked to dietary habits; their consequences…

Why we need to improve access to medicine

Access to medicine is a critical component of healthcare and has far-reaching consequences for individuals and societies. It not only promotes health and well-being but also contributes to economic development,…

Impact Stewards Healthcare Paradox

The healthcare paradox

It is a paradox that healthcare, whose objective is to protect and promote health, is also a significant contributor to the climate crisis, which is the biggest health threat of the 21st century. How to solve this?

Impact Steward Richard Langerak – From consultancy to healthcare leadership 

The Impact Stewards team is here to make positive impact in healthcare. Let’s introduce you to Richard Langerak, a professional with a track record in various healthcare roles.

Impact Steward Edwin Dissel: “A holistic approach to make impact in healthcare”

The Impact Stewards team is on a mission to make an impact in the healthcare landscape. Each month, we introduce you to an impact maker, and this month, we’re pleased…

Making a sustainable impact with Connie: “Together you go faster”

This week, we introduce you to Connie, one of the dedicated Impact Stewards with a passion for sustainability. Connie lives in a stunning historic building in Dongen, together with her…

6 months on the move making impact together!

Six months ago Impact Stewards was founded and started with a dedicated team of experts. That was the starting point of our ambitious mission to improve the accessibility, affordability, and…

“It is my ambition to improve the accessibility, affordability, and sustainability of life science and health.” 

Patrick Filius – Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Impact Stewards We introduce Patrick, founder and Chief Impact Officer at Impact Stewards. A role that perfectly aligns with his drive…

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